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Assessment Ideas

A couple of days before Spring Break I gave students a quiz focusing on the characteristics of cold blooded and warm blooded vertebrates. I wanted them to match up characteristics so I made a cut and paste assessment. Students had to cut out different types of characteristics on one sheet and glue them under the right heading on another. At the bottom of each heading I had them draw (and label) a picture of an animal in that category. This turned out to be a good thing because several students drew pictures of reptiles under amphibian and vice versa (I took points off if they didn't put a label only because it is very hard to tell what some students drawings are).

While students were doing that behind their privacy shields, I called students to my desk and had them sit and explain the difference between a cold blooded and warm blooded animal. I don't do these verbal assessments very often but I wanted to see if the majority of the class understood the difference and could put i…