Sunday, August 12, 2018

Scratch Off Stickers (in the classroom)

This summer I learned that Amazon sells these awesome scratch off stickers. I posted it in our district's EdTech Group and a teacher showed me how she is planning to use them at the beginning of the year to sort students into houses (see last picture).  

With back-to-school mandatory technology training happening next week I thought I would try it out with some some random "give-a-ways" to keep participants engaged. I kept it simple and had three things listed - candy, prize bag (dollar store items), and a hug (that was more for my amusement and to add an element of danger..think of it as scratch off Russian Roulette...I am allowing a fist bump substitute for my non-hugging teachers) 

I made the cards in Publisher using a business card template that I modified. I liked the template because it had guide lines for cutting. You could use any program to make them though. I printed them on card stock and used my paper trimmer to cut them down. 

While I limited my prizes to three things a teacher doing this with a class might want to explore some cheaper prize options. I found this list of free or inexpensive reward ideas online that would make good scratch off prizes. 

You can make your own scratch off cards (here is a YouTube tutorial). I am crafty but I tend to be lazy so paying $6.99 for 100 stickers seemed like a better option for me. :)

If you wind up making some I would love to hear what you put as prizes and how it went with your students!