Sunday, December 30, 2018

Google Classroom Headers (and Bitmojis)

I recently taught a class on how to use Bitmojis in the classroom to increase student engagement and help with classroom organization and management.

One fun idea was to use them to make custom Google Classroom headers. The idea came from Alice Keeler's blog and she even provided a template for her header.

My computer settings weren't the same as hers so I had to tweak my version.

Template Link -

This got me thinking about how the headers could be changed out frequently, as something new for students to look forward to, when they opened up Google Classroom. In my head I was thinking they could be changed out weekly (38 total headers needed) if time permitted. 

Happy New Year
Template Link

Birthday Headers
Template Link

Valentines Day
Template Link

I have several other ideas, templates, and instructions linked in this presentation.

I would love to see other custom Google Classroom Header ideas! Please feel free to post a comment or tag me on Twitter at @techcoachlife.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

2019 Goals - Low Tech

I posted a Google Drawings version of this activity and realized that it might not be feasible for everyone. It would be easy to change it to a low tech project.

Have students draw out their goals using paper and pencil. They can use the "9" as either a "q" or a "g". I showed two different ways you can lay out the year in the pictures above. 

Once they have a sketched out version give students clean paper and colored pencils to do the final copy. Finished versions could easily be hung in the hallway. 

Our student HP Tablets come equipped with Microsoft Windows Ink Workspace, if you have that students could use it to digitize their sketch. We also have a Kami subscription but students could use the free version to digitally draw their goals as well. 

I used these requirements when filling out my goals sheet:

- List 2 things you would like to do (think about things that might make you a better student/person, healthier, or more organized).
- Use the 0 as an "O" and make up a goal that starts with that letter (one thing, organize, over, may need to brainstorm this one with students who might be struggling)
- Name something you would like to 1earn (school or personal...think about something you might watch on YouTube you might learn from). 
- Use the 9 as either a "g" or a"q" and set a goal that starts with either one of those letters. For a "g" you can use "get", "give", "go". For a "q" I used "quit" but I could have also used "quiet".

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2019 Goals Template

Looking for a fun back-to-school activity to kick off the New Year? Try this digital Google Drawings goals template.

The idea is to take the numbers in 2019 and use them as both numbers AND letters to create four goals for the new year. 

Students would identify:

2 things they would like to do, try, or read
0ne thing they would like to accomplish or stop doing
something they would like to 1earn (personal or school)
and someplace they would like to 9o, get or give this coming year

You may want to have students sketch out their ideas on scratch paper before they open up the template in Google Drawings.

I had a couple of my friends try out the template and here is what they came up with:

This is great activity to introduce students to some Google Drawing tools that could be used later in the year to create content posters.

Layers of the Atmosphere Poster
Google Drawings

I made a video explaining the project in greater detail if anyone wanted to try it before introducing it to students (which I highly recommend).

I would love to see any finished projects! I can be tagged on Twitter at @techcoachlife.

Any questions? Feel free to post them in the comments section below.