Monday, November 17, 2008


I have been frequently asked about my science notebooks and thought the best way to communicate would be to start a blog addressing notebooking questions, post pictures of student work, and highlight the successes (higher test scores) and pitfalls (grading!) of notebooking.

I have done notebooking in both the middle school (6th grade science) and elementary school (4th grade science). I have spoken to science coordinators within school and showcased some of my student work at conventions. Schools I have left requested copies of the notebooks and material I used in them. The reaction is generally mixed, from those who are dying to try to those who like their current system.

I love science notebooking but understand not everyone is going to be as enthusasic as I am. If something else is working for you (three ring binders) you might take some of these ideas and incorporate them in to your binder system making them more interactive.

I hope to generate a useful discussion about notebooking in general. Please feel free to post!

Eve Heaton

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Claire Albert said...

I am in love with your blog! I graduated this past May and will be starting my first job as a 6th grade science teacher! I am so excited to start notebooking! Thanks for all the ideas! The cd in their table baskets for ven diagrams is genius!