Monday, July 13, 2009

Accordian Foldable Video


Eve Heaton said...

This past week I was at Roper Mountain Science Center in Greenville, SC and met a lot of great motivated teachers from around the state. During one of our lessons on foldables Lisa shared this wonderful accordion foldable that had a lot of potential in the interactive notebooks. She very kindly allowed herself to be filmed showing all the steps (thank you Lisa!).


CatBells said...

I love these foldables! Can you share the topics for the different sections? It looked like sun and precipitation. I am guessing evaporation, condesation, collection... I could figure it out, but was hoping you would share!

Mrs. Howard said...

I love this book! After watching the video, I made 2 of them. One for a sample and the other of the phases of the moon. (I put the new moon phase on the cover and the first and last quarters in the center after I drew a vertical line to divide that section in half.)
Thank you for posting this.

Jimmie said...

A great video! It is a tricky book, but worth the effort. I love how you used it for the water cycle in the video.

Eve Heaton said...

Love the moon phases idea!

CatBells - The sections I had were Evaporation, Condensation, Percipitation, Runoff, Groundwater and the last section was the Sun. My idea was to have students tell me about each and then draw a picture of it. I taught my students a cute song about the water cycle to the tune of "My Darling Clementine". I posted it at You think it would be easy to type in Water Cycle Song and have it come up but there are 52 pages that pop up. What I would do is in the search bar put mrsheatonsclass and then search for member on the drop down menu. When the search is finished you will see a box with my info. Click on the box under my name on the left hand side (that will pull up my video shelf). The first video you will see is the last one I posted (I have 14 posted all together). On the right hand side under that video click on "See all Videos" and every video should pop up. Since the water cycle song was the first video I posted it is at the very bottom.

Eve Heaton said...

Other ideas for this booklet that would fit into the fourth grade standards here in South Carolina...


- Water Cycle (shown in video)
- Severe Weather Explaination and Safety Tips
- Weather Instruments


- Phases of the moon (suggested by Mrs. Howard)
- Planet Mini Report

Organisim and their Environment

- Animal Mini Report
- Types of Habitats
- Vertebrates/Invertebrates

Light and Electricity

- All about Magnets
- All about Light


- Explain and Illustrate the scientific method

I'm sure there is more applicability but those were what I came up with on the fly.

I am going to be teaching ELA this year, as well as science, and there is a lot you can do in that field with this book as well.


Carolyn Matzinger said...

Eve and Lisa,

I will use this groovy foldable in science next week. Thanks for the great idea.
Carolyn Matzinger Central Elementary School Petoskey, MI

Eve Heaton said...

Carolyn - Let me know what you use the foldables for. I would love to get some more ideas for them. I would love a picture, which you can send to charter account.


marry said...

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