Monday, February 1, 2010

Week in Review

Monday - Not a very inspired lesson. Much shorter then I thought it was going to be, which left me with some time I had to "fill". Basically we moved into electricity and I was going over the parts of a circuit. We watched a 20 minute Electricity video from streamline and a Brainpop on the subject. It was a sort of blah lesson. I did get to show students a series circuit in action and told them they would making them this week...which pepped up the room. Students read their LH assignment in the notebook and drew circuit symbols and an open and closed circuit on the RH side.

Tuesday - Conductors and insulators activity in notebook. See post regarding the inexpensive tester we made for this activity.

Wednesday - Was lucky to be able to "borrow" a student intern in our school to help us make series circuits. Students had to follow the diagram I had written on the board to create a series circuit and then one with a switch. Student "desk partnered" it up with the person sitting next to them for that activity and then they had to team with the other group at the desk to start different combos on the circuit - one bulb, two battery and two bulbs....etc. In hindsight I should have had a lab sheet for them to write their observations as they ran through various combinations of their series circuit. We just "played" with the circuits and at the end of the class we discussed our observations.

Thursday - Reviewed the series circuit - particularly what happens if one bulb goes out in the series and how bulbs are affected when other things are added or taken away from the circuit. Watched a short YouTube video about series verses parallel circuits. Constructed one for the class to see....then had groups work on their own.

Friday - Quiz on circuits. Watched Magic School Bus Gets Energized (the Valentines Day episode).

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