Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Take Home Project

This was a project I did with my Girl Scout troop when we worked on our weather badge. I liked the idea and filed it away for possible use in the classroom next year.
Basically we took card stock and cut it into a perfect square. We folded all the corners into the middle and wrote the most common severe weather we have in this area on three of the tabs and "emergency numbers" on the first tab.
The girl scouts wrote down safety tips, associated with the various severe weather, under the tabs and listed their families emergency phone numbers. We used velcro dots to hold the tabs shut and put magnet strips on the back so it could be placed on the fridge.
The Girl Scouts enjoyed doing this project.
The only draw back is if you teach A LOT of students this might get expensive with the supplies but if you have one or two classes this would be a doable project.
Another thing I did along the same lines is have children sketch out the interior of their home and put a giant X on the safest places to go in a Tornado (I made this a homework assignment). We backed it in colored paper and laminated it so they could put it someplace the family would see it at home (or at the very least put it in their bedroom). You could easily (without the laminating) make it a fold out map in the notebook.


Anonymous said...

A cheaper choice for magnets is to use any type of "pizza place" or advertising magnets you receive instead of magnet strips. I just put the glue on the advertisement and stick it on. I try to pick up a stack whenever I see them on the counters. They are thin enough you can cut into smaller pieces, making one magnet go a long way.

Eve Heaton said...

I love the idea of using advertising magnets! Thank you for sharing.


BellaMouse said...

I could not find the accordion fold weather tool booklet instructions, can you help me find it Thanks, love your blog!