Saturday, January 29, 2011

Science Vidoes - YouTube Finds

I thought I would highlight some of my favorite YouTube videos (songs) related to science that I have used in the classroom. You can use the YouTube downloader (earlier post) to download them at home and then show in the classroom.

Meet the Elements - Song
Photosynthesis - Song (younger grades)
Photosyntheis - Rap (older grades)
Lab Safety - Rap
Layers of the Earth - Rap
Sun, Earth, Moon - Rap
The Sun - Song
Shoulders of Giants (early Astronomy) - Song (my students LOVE this one)

Hi Ho the Weather O (song about fronts) - Not YouTube but fun to play in class


Book Fan said...

Thanks for sharing! The science teachers I work with are going to love these videos.

West Texas Wife said...

there is a really good rap on moon phases my middle schoolers loved on you tube.

llacrosse said...

The sun, earth, moon video is good. Except, it says that the earth 'revolves' in 24 hours. It should be 'rotates'. Might want to check that.