Thursday, September 1, 2011

Third Grade - Title Pages and Safety Posters

Very excited to be working with one of our third grade teachers notebooking this year. It is my first time with the third grade curriculum (outside of my student teaching) and it is nice that the teacher will let me offer up suggestions and ideas for right hand assignments.

Above you will see some of the title pages student worked on and classroom safety posters (the safety posters also went into the notebook...those who finished early got to make larger posters for the classroom).

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Moriah said...

I bet the third graders loved note booking as well! If it was your first time using this method of learning, chances are it is their first time as well. I see that you had them journal about safety. How did you teach this subject to them? I know in the past some teachers have taken them on a field trip to the police station or fire station. In 7th grade, I was fortunate to be the last group to go on a field trip to the jail in Appleton, MN. I could not believe what I saw. I think that this experience is good for junior high students to partake in .