Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making Windmills - Grant Idea


Continuing on the topic of windmills I thought I would do a quick post of where you can buy a "fairly" inexpensive windmill kit. The kit featured here is from Pitsco Education and has been used by Mrs. Parker's fourth grade class for several years (see bottom two pictures). She teaches in a STEM school so they have money, that alot of classroom teachers don't have, to puchase these kits.

Last year I had the opportunity to help, as an extra pair of hands, in her classroom while the fourth graders put the kit together. I'm glad I had the opportunity. I normally don't do well with kits but Mrs. Parker and the kids made it look very doable. If I were to purchase these windmills I would probably buy the DVD that goes with it to help explain how the kit gets put together (an extra $25).

I most likely would look for some kind of grant to offset the price. We have several in our district and I am hoping I am not too late to apply for them!


ScienceGal said...

I have been obsessed with how to fit this into my curriculum after your post the other day! This looks doable! Does each windmill cost $8? I am going to add this to my shopping list.

Eve Heaton said...

They do cost approximately $8 (less if you purchase a set of 30). It is actually not a bad price. I've looked up other windmills and this one is definitely one of the least expensive.