Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Tech Days Before Christmas - Day 6

Day 6

The 12 Days of Christmas – Math Lesson

Students listen to the 12 Days of Christmas - (you can use the YouTube Downloader so you don’t have to stream it live).

I am not going to lie...this is probably one of my least favorite Christmas songs (it goes on FOREVER) but I liked the math lesson. I've been booked to do this with a third grade class next week but instead of doing the tech integration below (with an Excel spreadsheet) we are going to be using calculators. The teacher and I think that introducing Excel to 3rd graders with this project would be a little difficult. 

Printable lyrics can be found on the following site -

Students figure out how many items are in the song using the lyrics sheet. Then they calculate the cost of all the items in the song. Lesson plan with forms can be found on the following site –

I found the only forms I would need from the site are:

-          - Order Form
-         -  Cost Form
-          - Money Form

(Tech Integration) Instead of calculating the cost of the twelve items manually children can be taught to set up an Excel spreadsheet with formulas.

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