Thursday, May 16, 2013

YouTube Science Songs

I asked to help a group of 8th grade teachers who were given iPads this year to come up with some science lesson activities that students could do using their iPads. They were studying the theory of Continental Drift. My first go to place was of course YouTube. There I found THIS SONG by Mr. Parr's (which the kids loved!).

It turns out that Mr. Parr has got a boat load of fun science songs that he put together for his 6th graders (so warning...some of the lyrics might be too advanced for elementary). To see a complete list of songs head to his YOUTUBE SITE.

The activity I had students do required that they listen (not watch) the song. I then gave them a print out of the lyrics (also found on YouTube) and they had to create a presentation (they used educreations) to illustrate and repeat the song back. This activity can also be done in Movie Maker Live or PowerPoint and is something I might try with an elementary class next year.

The lyrics can be glued into their notebooks as either a left or right hand reference.

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Beach Teach said...

My 5th graders LOVE Mr. Parr! He's got a song for everything.

Beach Teach