Saturday, August 5, 2017

FREE Eclipse Resource - REGISTER NOW (8 day waiting period)

Here in South Carolina we will be in the path of a full eclipse on Monday, August 21st. Many schools in the state have pushed their start date for students to Tuesday, August 22nd, as the eclipse is due to occur at dismissal time for many of the schools and their is concern about walk/biking home in the dark as well as curious students looking directly at the sun.

In our district students will be going back-to-school two days earlier (17th/18th) with the 21st off for teacher PD. Our district science coordinator has arranged for free solar eclipse classes to be given to all students K-12 and has put together resources for teachers to use during lesson planning.

Just about every grade level will get a lesson on what an eclipse is and how it occurs, as well as general safety tips.

With that said, I have been on the look out for science resources related to the eclipse as well. Today one from Mystery Science came up on my Twitter feed.

Mystery Science is a subscription based service that provides science lesson plans but for the eclipse they are offering their eclipse lesson (Why are people making a big deal about the solar eclipse?) FREE.

I went to access the lesson by registering on the site but there is an eight day waiting period so DON'T WAIT. You can speed up the waiting period by referring other teachers but I try not to spam my teacher friends if possible.

There are some sample Mystery Science videos that give you an idea of their lesson structures and they look pretty cool (videos, questions, easy hands on activities).

So if students go back in August and you are planning to address the eclipse you might want to check out the Mystery Science site and register to start your eight day waiting period today.

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