Thursday, March 29, 2018

Easter Sale and ELA Idea

I saw this cute Easter display at a school this week (the week before Easter). The Media Specialist was also running a ‘Reading with my Peeps’ challenge leading up to Good Friday. 

She started the challenge nine days prior. She and her awesome assistant pulled groups of nine books for each grade level (it is a small school with only two classrooms per grade level). They numbered the books and gave each classroom a basket with nine plastic Easter eggs. Inside each egg was a folded piece of paper with a number on it (1-9). The idea is that teachers would randomly let a student pull an egg and whatever number they got in the egg the teacher read the corresponding numbered book out loud to the class. They had the day before Good Friday to finish the challenge. Each class that completed it got marshmallow Peeps for the class (1 each).

I thought it was a fun idea. The intent was to encourage read aloud time with classes. 

While I saw it too late to really duplicate in a school I thought I would still share the idea for use next year with the supplies being purchased on sale this year. 

If you wind up running a similar challenge please let me know in the comments. 

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