Sunday, January 27, 2019

Digital Conversation Heart Writing Activity

Every Valentine's Day I would see several teachers use the fun conversation heart candies to have students create friendly letters (example below)

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You can imagine the sadness that fell after Necco announced they would not be manufactured this year.

In an attempt to help teachers go digital, and see the value in Google Drawings, I made a conversation heart friendly letter template. I made a sample letter to test it out, and in theory it should work (see first picture). 

The ideas is that students would write the letter using a combination of text and conversations hearts I have provided (I made the body of the letter default to 3" spacing so the hearts could easily be placed within the context of the letter). Students could change the words around on the hearts if they needed to as well.  Once they were done they could use the clipart around the hearts to decorate their letter (all clipart is from Pixabay so it is labeled for reuse). Once they were done they could drag the parts of a friendly letter labels to their correct area. I gave earlier finishers a chance to explore the links I provided about the lack of conversation hearts this year. 

I made the template white so letters could be printed and put in a display if needed. 

Everything in this template is editable. You will be prompted to make a copy when you open it and then you can change what you need. You might want to make a second copy in your Google Drive. One you will test out yourself as a sample and the other you would modify as you see fit as your template for students. 

I am introducing it to teachers the week before Valentine's Day and hoping to help with a class on the 13th. I would definitely be interested in seeing any finished letters, as this is my first time with this activity. Feel free to comment below or tag me in any pictures on Twitter @atechcoachlife.

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