Thursday, February 12, 2009

Student Responses to Notebooking

As my fourth grade students are finishing up an animal project I have them working on, I am asking them to come to this site and post their response to the following notebooking questions.

Tell me how you feel about using the science notebook in class?
What are your favorite and least favorite parts of our science notebook?
Would you recommend that other teachers use them in the classroom? Why or why not?


Anonymous said...

I love doing the notebooks in Mrs.Heatons class. It is a good idea to do them beacause the kids get to learn . Also, kids get to have fun but at the same time the kids are learning. The notebooks are also a good idea because they make the kids want to pay attention. So as you can see, I enjoy the notebooks, and I think there a good idea.


Anonymous said...

This is how I fell about science notebooking. It helps me on all my test. Even when I dont study on the guide. This is my least favorite parts. Is we write so much and we need to do more art projects in them. Yes I would because it would be a good privlage for not useing the text books as much.


Anonymous said...

I fell that i am learning more with the science notbook because you can read it easier.My favorite part is the title pages because you can color them my least favorite is the puzzles.I would recommend teachers to use them because your students will think it is fun and cool.


Anonymous said...

I fee that people like to work in the science notebooks. My favorite thing is the weather. My least favorite thing is when we skip recces to do stuff in it. I think that teachers should use them beacause mos kids like them.

Anonymous said...

At times I enjoy it and at times I don't.Theres not much to say ,but I like working in them more tyhan I don't.I do enjoy coloring and writeing.The one thing I don't like is when I do partner projects and when I am called to read and highlight at the same time I lose my spot then my turn ,but still it's fun at times.


Eve Heaton said...

I have to clarify the "skipping recess" comment. We don't skip recess in our school. I think this child was referring to a rain day that occurred recently when we were working in our notebooks and I had them finish up, as we were stuck inside anyway. The child had made it clear that he didn't think it was "fair" that even though they were stuck inside that they should be asked to do school work :)

Mrs. Heaton

Anonymous said...

I love doing notebooks in Mrs.Heatons class. Its a really good Idea to do them because parents and kids can understand how and what they're learning. When your an adult you can go back and see what you did in you childhood.Thats why I enjoy doing scince notebooking. Also kids would enjoy learning so much..


Anonymous said...

I like using the notebooks. My favorite part of the note books is the astronomy part. My least favorite part of the notebooks is the Organisims and their enviroments. I would recomend other teachers to use this because this is a more fun way to learn instead of the textbook.


Anonymous said...

My least is the coloring.My favorite is the writing.I feel happy because it's fun.Yes ,because itwould be more fun.