Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cold Blooded Vertebrate - Lesson Plan

This week we have been learning about cold blooded vertebrate groups. When I taught this in sixth grade I noticed that the groups form the word FAR (Fish, Amphibian, Reptile).

I had my students make a 3 tab flip book and put the word F on one tab, A on the middle flap, and R on the last flap. They had to decorate their front cover so that they would remember that those animals were the cold blooded animals. To help students remember I tell them that they, "Live FAR FAR away that is why they are cold." This is just a way for them to associate FAR with cold (we certainly have all three animal groups here where we live).

I taught a lesson each day for each group and had them write five facts and draw and color three pictures under each flap.

I tell students that the A is in the middle because amphibians start their life out like the first flap (fish) and then change to resemble characteristics of the last flap (reptiles - live on land, breath with lungs).

The last flap is R for reptile. On the outside of that flap I have them also write the word LAST at the bottom (telling them that is because it is the last flap). When I teach that lesson I tell students that LAST stands for all the reptile groups (Lizards, Alligators, Snakes and Turtles).

I graded them and had grades ranging from 70 to 100 (the students in the 70's were messing around in class). The finished foldables will get glued to the right hand side of student notebooks.

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