Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spiral Notebooking

A friend of mine is teaching third grade and is notebooking with spiral bound notebooks. On the day I visited her classroom her children were doing an experiment with "mock rocks" based on an activity in either the Foss or Delta science kit.

She choose to use spiral notebooks because it allowed for more space with glueing and writing. I think the intent is that she would use one for each of her units (so they were the small spiral notebooks - 70 page count I think). I did see that some of the pages had started ripping out just by the way the students were handling them. I think that will improve with time as they move into their next unit/book.


Joli said...

That is the problem with spiral notebooks. One would need to spend more on a sturdier cover.

I love this blog!

I used to teach 6th grade science and we used notebooks (spiral). Absolutely everything was in there so when semester exam came around the students were ready.

Thank you for sharing!

Julie said...

I use spiral notebooks for my 3rd graders in science. I put vinyl tape over the spiral wire. This serves two purposes: safety when the wire pokes out and keeping the cover together. Every time we complete a unit we tear out the pages and staple a cover sheet on the front that the students illustrate with relevant material.