Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Door Decorations

This is a fairly new phenominom in our school - covering classroom doors with fabric. I've seen it done with paper but there are several teachers who are doing it this year with fabric and hot glue.

I am not sure how it will stand up during the year, probably better then paper though. I would definitely caution against the use of excessive patterned fabric. I find the letters that Mrs. Peterson used made it difficult to see against the competting pattern of the door and border fabric.


Ginger Snaps said...

I really like this idea. We are doing a pirate theme this year and I could do some really cute pirate fabric!!

Eve Heaton said...

Ginger - I have a friend who teaches fourth grade and they are the "Porter Pirates". Her rooom is definitely decked out in pirate "stuff". I'll try to get a picture and add to the blog.


Kelly said...

How are the fabric door coverings holding up? What do you use to hang student work or lettering? I'm looking for something more durable than bulletin board paper to use on my door.

Eve Heaton said...

Kelly - The fabric door coverings are holding up pretty well. They used duct tape (colored) to hold the fabric to the door. I used the green painters tape when I was in the classroom to hold work up. It is designed for hard to stick surfaces. Hope that helps.