Saturday, August 20, 2011

No Name Bin

This is definitively a pet peeve of mine! hard is it to put your name on a piece of paper particularly when the first thing I say is "Put your name on your paper and give me a thumbs up when it is done." You would be surprised at the number of papers I get back with no names. It was to the point that I would ask children to turn to their left or right and CHECK that the child next to them put their name on the paper :)

I saw this NO NAME paper bin idea on this Flicker site and thought it was a GREAT idea. Passing it along in case anyone else suffers like me.


Mrs. Cockrell said...

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves. I got a similar idea from Pinterest for that same problem! I made a sign that says: "STOP! Did you write your name on your paper? Highlight your name and turn it in to the basket." The sign hangs on the wall above the turn in basket, and the highlighters are in a little bucket by the basket. They LOVE using the fancy highlighters, so it helps them remember!!! :)

Kreative in Kinder said...

I am a new follower and love your blog!
<>< Crystal

Anonymous said...

It is one of mine too.....I have a "No Name Wall".

zam said...

I saw an idea on Pinterest and next to where the students turn in their work, there is a can of highlighters and a sign above it saying "Did you highlight your name before you turned in your work?" I thought that was pretty ingenious too.. :) By the way-I LOVE your site!! I've gotten soooo many ideas from it!