Friday, January 20, 2012

Tool Box Idea

Earlier in the year I posted about an activity that was done with a third grade class regarding science tools (see second picture). Later in the year I ran across the top picture of a "Readers Tool Box" and it got me thinking about combining the two.
I could easily see larger versions of the tools that the kids would have to cut out label and identify their use (on the back) and put in the "Tool Box". The box would then open and close with velcro (which I love to incorporate in notebooks!).
It is a bit late in the year for the idea but I can see trying it out next year. If you want to try it this year it would be a good end of year "tool" review activity in preparation for any end of year state test.


scrappinbearcub said...

Hello, I love the science tool box you have. I am a learning coach and a parent of a 7th grader of a K12 virtual student, he dos school at home but is not considered a home schooler. We live in Florida. I was wondering if possibly you could please email me a copy of the tols or if it is available to download a copy. My son is making a interactive journal for notes and I thought this is a great idea and if you could help, thanks. My blog is Ginny

Melissa Mayoral said...

Hi are the tools page available on teachers pay teachers. IF not where can I get the page. Thanks,Melissa

Melissa Mayoral said...

Hi I LOVE the tools page. Is this available on teachers pay teachers or is this something that you may be able to share? THank you!

lisiball said...

I would love a copy of your science tools interactive notebook activity. I teach 5th grade Bilingual science and it would benefit my students greatly!

lisiball said...

Please email me a copy of your notebook activity. I teach 5th grade bilingual science in Texas.

kre's villa said...

Hi Eve,
I was looking for activities to use in my 2nd Grade Class. I love your ideas about the Science Tool Box.
Would it be possible to get a copy of this activity?


Eve Heaton said...

I have a similar tool box on Teachers Pay Teachers.