Friday, April 27, 2012

ELA - Book Project

This idea was complete stolen from Pinterest (you can click on the original idea - HERE). We did it with the fifth grade prior to an inspection team coming into the school. Almost the entire fifth grade hallway was covered in these displays. It is quite eye popping when you step into the hall (probably because of the bright yellow background and 3D book covers).

It could easily be adapted for a science class particularly if students are reading nonfiction books about a topic you are studying (animals, planets, etc.),

Here are some thoughts about this project:

- It used up a lot of ink. I had to get permission from the principal to print all the students heads (80 of them at 8 1/2 x 10). I don't think he would have so agreeable if hadn't been for the inspection team :)
- I helped the teacher by taking all the pictures, printing, and cutting out. I worked with a parent volunteer after school to get the displays up. If you plan on doing on a larger scale it might be helpful to get help.

I have seen a similar project (also on Pinterest - see second picture above from where the students created paper displays of themselves reading that might a cheaper alternative to printing pictures of students. If you work in a collaborative school you might get your art teacher to help do that part of the project.

Everyone was very pleased with the finished results and even the inspection team complimented the displays!


kherbert said...

I did something similar all year long last year.

I took a picture of each child and had them developed at walmart (less than $5 total). Then the kids did an all about me sheet.Those were laminated and a gallon Ziplock bag was attached. Each week the students could pick their favorite project/assignment to display.

I didn't do it this year because I was overwhelmed changing grades. Next year I'm going to do the project but use a paper protector on the top with a gallon bag underneath for 3 D projects.

Mrs. Bradley said...

This idea sounds great. I've been thinking of something "different" for my students to display work. Thanks for the post and from KHERBERT also that's a good idea with the ziploc bag.