Friday, April 27, 2012

Pull Outs - Social Studies

I was working with a couple of teachers coming up with end of year project ideas (after our state testing is through mid-May). I wanted someone to try the pull out tab project I wrote about earlier in another post so I put together a sample of a fifth grade project using poster board and the axis powers. I think the fifth grade teacher I showed it to will try it with her groups. I also showed it to a fourth grade social studies teacher and he has a G/T group that is ahead of the others and thought this would make a good enrichment project for them so he had the group pick a person and create their pull tabs. He said it went well with the group although he had to do some "tab surgery" with some of the smaller pictures.


Mrs. Bradley said...

I tried this idea when I saw your last post. My students did the activity using Columbus. Some were better than others, but that's how teaching goes. ;)
Do you mind if I add it to my blogpost? Of course I would give you credit. ;)

Eve Heaton said...

Mrs. Bradley - You are more then welcome to post to your blog. Glad you gave the activity a try!

erinsierra said...

I would love to do this activity with my students, but the "earlier post" you mentioned with the directions doesn't go anywhere. Google just prompts me to log in. Could you please repost the link? Thank you so much!