Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Birding Live

I've recently become addicted to the Cornell Ornithology Lab here at this SITE. The site features live streaming of two web cams set up - one watching a red-tailed hawk nest and one watching over a blue heron nest. Both nests have fairly recently hatched young that can be observed.  I took screen shots of both nests above. You can even ask questions online to volunteers who man the IM board.

I showed them to a second grade class I was covering and I had them make inferences about the weather, habitat, and eating habits based on what they could observe (the red tail hawk usually has some dead mouse or bird in the nest which always makes a site much "cooler" in the eyes of the kids).

Careful when is VERY addictive :)


~Lynn~ said...

I LOVE your blog & am really interested in starting to do more notebooking next year. Is there any way you would consider putting a widget on your blog that would allow me to subscribe via e-mail? That would be soooo wonderful!! Thanks for considering!

Anonymous said...

Your site looks terrific. I'm transitioning from teaching reading intervention to a second grade classroom this fall. Your notebook ideas look like a great way to implement some cross-curricular writing. Fun fact, my maiden name is Heaton! :)