Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grant Idea

First off let me start by apologizing for such a long absence from this blog. Budget cuts hit my department this year and instead of working between two school I now have four. I underestimated how much work it was going to be to get all four schools up and running at the start of the year and I final have room to breath!

This is a cute seating idea that I ran across in one of my new schools. She uses balls instead of chairs. I liked the idea so much that I thought it would make a great grant request. There is a lot of research supporting the use of balls to sit on from strengthing your core to help establish balance (plus it helps get the wiggles out).

The teacher has a lot of rules and goes over ball procedures at the start of the school year. Anyone breaking the procedures gets a chair for the rest of the day. She says that most children want to sit on the balls so rule breaking is minimal. Students who break or bust their ball must replace it (parents are told this as well). She said that she has had three students who jabbed their balls with a sharp pencil and deflated them beyond repair. She tells the parents to make the child earn the money to replace the balls and until they do they sit in a chair.

If anyone is looking for a cute grant idea this would be perfect.


Anonymous said...

What are the ball procedures and rules?

Eve Heaton said...

The ball procedures are things like the correct way to sit in them, not putting a sharp object like a pencil tip near them, etc.