Sunday, July 13, 2014

Goal List to Research Template

I saw a goal list on Pinterst (see first picture) and I thought it would make a good research collection template for students (what student wouldn't love working with post-it notes!). I created a template for upper grade levels (collection of six facts - using 11x17 paper) and a template for lower grade levels (collection of four facts - using 8 1/2 x 11 paper). 

I printed out 24 copies of each on card stock and laminated them. I worked with third graders using them to collect biographically information for a black history project and with first graders collecting facts about habitat specific animals. 

The idea, in my mind at least, was that these collection boards would allow for more research and collection opportunities in the classroom...other then the typical 1-2 a year. 

Here is what I learned...

1. The third graders really didn't know how to gather pertinent information. They were a bit all over the board with their facts so I had to direct them a bit (see 3rd picture). I posted sample collection boards ranging from grade of A - D and we went over how what made each one better then the next.

2. Kids argued about the color of their post-it notes (should have seen that one coming!). It's best to give them only one color.

3. The post-it notes came off over time. Since this was a project over time this was a problem (they had a couple of days to collect their data and then a couple of days to sketch out their rough draft and then a couple of days to finalize their project). I worked with 3rd graders first and decided fast that it wouldn't work with the 1st graders. For them I just printed out the sheets on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper - no post-its for them (they liked the boxing of information so it wasn't a total bust - they also needed a "how to" of collecting facts lesson). FYI - The earlier finishers were then able to turn over their paper and draw a picture of their animal in their habitat which they wouldn't have been able to do on a laminated template. 

Overall I would use the templates again primarily as a "fun" way to collect information. If you are interested in the templates I created they can be downloaded for free on my TeachersPayTeachers site -  11x17 template or 8.5x11 template

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