Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Coding and Creating Idea

The other day I attended a training session and our group choose this video to watch (we had a list and this was the one that seemed the most interesting to us). I really got sucked into it primarily because of the science element (using conductors).

The students used a device called a Makey Makey (which I hadn't heard of). Someone in our group had used them before and said they were really cool. I liked how they tied the use of them into learning about conductors and insulators AND coding (pretty ambitious).

Here is a link to what Makey Makey's are and can do. Since I work with Title 1 schools I was able to secure funding for six of the Makey Makey's (they can be purchased on Amazon for $50 each).

I thought they would make a great grant idea for anyone looking for something new and different to do with students that ties in technology, engineering, and science (hence the share).

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Teacher Ms H said...

Thank you for sharing your ideas about coding. I'm always looking for my ideas to get my students coding. So far we've only participated in Hour of Code but I want them to be able to do more.
Teacher Ms H ~ Third Is the Word