Tuesday, January 5, 2016

FETC Conference Presenter

Super excited! Next week I get to present at #FETC in Orlando, Florida. I am going to be presenting a poster session on how easy it is to create student based projects with a digital camera and free software. I presented this at SCEdtech in Greenville in 2014.

I submitted some other proposals but I guess my "Say Cheese!" title was more of an attention grabber. There are two other sessions being presented by other team mates from our district. The "Where Technology Fits In" actually was submitted as "WTF? - Where Technology Fits In" (which I thought was pretty clever) but it got changed in the publication.

If you are going to the conference stop by the poster session area after the keynote and say hi!


Cafeyestilo said...

WOW! I have just moved to Orlando, and am finding out about FETC. What I would give to attend and hear you present!

Cafeyestilo said...

WOW! I just moved to Orlando and just found out about FETC. What I would give to see you present and hear other amazing speakers.