Monday, February 22, 2016

Black History Video Project

February is Black History Month and I am working with some teachers to help students produce research videos.

The video above is one I completed as a student/teacher sample.

The students have to produce a video that has 12 slides (or pictures). When I broke it down as follows to them they really only had to find eight facts:

1. The first slide has to contain a title and the students name 
2. Where and when the person was born
3.  Fact #1 (full sentence)
4. Fact #2
5. Fact #3 (by now tell me what he/she is famous for)
6. Fact #4
7. Fact #5
8. Fact #6
9. Fact #7
10. Fact #8
11. The year they died (or anything of note after they died)
12. Credit slide – where did they get their facts (This was made in their educreations app. They took a screen shot of it and edited it in the photo editor)

I was giving students three class periods to do the project.

Day 1 – Pick your person and do your research (if they couldn’t pick someone they pulled one out of a hat)
Day 2 – Get all your pictures
Day 3 – Put it together in iMovie

Note - I got the Billie Holiday song off of YouTube but students would be expected to narrate and use music that is offered in iMovie. I did say if any child picked a musician I would be happy to download music for them and upload it to their Google drive for use.  

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