Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Copyright Free Music (associated problems) and Podcasts

Richard Byrne recently posted about three free music sites that teachers can use to find music and sound effects for podcasts and projects. It was super helpful and I bookmarked it for future reference.

He didn't mention Free Play Music, which is my "go to" music site so I would add that to any list you have going. I worked with students making Lion King trailers and in this site I was able to type in "African" and found some fun royalty music that worked with the trailers students were making.

Here is MY problem. I don't know what music to choose! I get overwhelmed with too many choices which is why I appreciate it when people cite their music in the video credits (Richard Byrne goes over that in his post). One teacher (art) who does that well is Tricia Fuglestad. I follow her for her outstanding use of green screen videos. She has a Vimeo channel and she gave credit to Kevin McCloud in one video where I liked the music. This took me on a fun internet search where I came across another free music site which features music by Kevin McCloud...the search also took me to YouTube where I could listen to Kevin McCloud's "best of" video to get ideas of some of his music I might want to use. 

Some of my go to music that I use for projects include:

- Daily Beetle by Kevin McCloud
- Building Blocks in Free Play Music
- The Story in Free Play Music (for an intro to a morning news show)

Our district has a subscription to Discovery Education and I generally use that for sound effects if needed. If they don't have something I need then I download it from another site.

One thing I want to try with students is making a podcast (with music and sound effects). I ran across a graphic organizer in a course I am taking online for a debatable podcast that would make a short podcast but might be easy for my first time out. It is definitely on my list to try before the school year is over.

Do you have any "go to" royalty free music please add it to the comments (so I can grow my list). Thank you!

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