Sunday, December 1, 2019

12 Days Before Christmas Break (#1) - Eflster

The 12 Days before Christmas Break officially starts for us December 5th here in South Carolina and I thought I would highlight twelve tech tips for the classroom and school leading up to our holiday break (these tips are also mentioned in episode four of our podcast). 

The first tip is to go digital for your school's Secret Santa exchange. Going digital allows you to ditch paper and pencil and organize your participants using the FREE site Elfster. You can send out an email from the site asking interested folks to sign up (remember to give everyone a deadline). Once you have everyone signed up on the site you can have people randomly and non-randomly assigned their secret Santa. Elfster then assigns the participants their match and emails the information individually. Once participants log into their account they can create a wish list so their match can check out what things they like. NOTE - My Elfster emails go to my "clutter" folder so make sure folks know to check that if they haven't received an email.

Our department has been using it for years for our Secret Santa exchange and it is super easy to use. Many of my teammates use it for family and friend exchanges as well.

If you are on your schools Sunshine Committee and want to save a bit of time this year give this site a try!

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