Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tape in the Notebook

I have a shoebox full of tape (buy when they go on sale). I use tape to put things in the book that need to be lifted, or anchored down quickly (glue takes a while and very rarely can fourth graders keep it from leaking out around the edges causing the pages to stick together).
These pictures are examples of things that need to be lifted because there is information on the back page that would get "lost" if I glued in. They came from a book I have and were relevant to the lesson being taught. I really didn't have a place for them to be "stored" so I had the students tape the side edge to their notebook. Technically this is not considered a good "right-hand" assignment (other then coloring and reading the students aren't being asked to reflect on any material in the lesson). I play that rule loosely in situations like this. The left hand assignment had notetaking and drawing involved so students were more engaged with the material on that side in this particular example.


Live and Learn said...

Thank you! So many great suggestions! I'm really excited to start notebooking -and doing it right!- for the first time-in just a few more weeks! I'll be referring to your blog A LOT!

Jane Hake

Miss Me said...

I also use AIMS and I have been keeping them in my notebooks using construction paper pockets. If you turn the pocket opening towards the middle of the notebook, the booklets won't fall out. I have found this cheaper that tape, since the school provides me with construction paper. I can get 4 pockets from a small sheet of construction paper.

Miss Me said...

I use construction paper for my AIMS booklets. I have found that if I turn the opening of the pocket towards the middle of the notebook the booklet won't fall out. I have found it cheaper than using tape or rubberbands, since the school provides me with construction paper. I can get 4 construction pockets from one sheet of construction paper.