Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekly Lesson Plans


We kicked off our weather unit with a lesson on the layers of the atmosphere. Not technically a fourth grade standard in weather I still introduced it because the atmosphere comes up in our Astronomy unit. On the left hand side was a cloze note sheet that went along with a PowerPoint I made about the different layers. Students had to fill in as I went through the presentation. Students then watched a BrainPop on the subject. On the right hand side I had made a flip book for students to make and illustrate about the layers.


We discussed weather tools and their uses. On the left hand side there was a fact sheet about the basic tools that we read. I had a flipchart to go with it with plenty of pictures. I had samples in the class to pass around. On the right hand side students filled out an accordion foldable where they had to list the tool, give its use, and draw a picture (to make the accordion foldable click on the "video" label on the right hand side menu. I did not have students make since it is a little complicated but I was able to make 70 or so in front of the tv over a couple of days. One teacher got a parent to make them at another school).


We made anemometers and wind vanes in class. We went outside and used them (with the wind vanes they got to use some compasses as well). Students got to take them home. Students worked on finishing up their weather tool accordion foldable.


Students took a weather tool quiz, made rain gauges and then watched a "Nature's Fury" video. Student who were not done with their foldable had to finish it during the video.

PICTURES - Accordion Foldable, Anemometers, Wind Vanes, Rain Gauges


Anonymous said...

How does your school fund Brain Pop? Did you have to purchase it individually or was it purchased by the school? I would love to have it in my room, but don't have the funds to purchase it myself. Just wondered what other school did. Thanks and I love your site.

Eve Heaton said...

We are trying to get the school to fund brainpop but with no success (budget cuts). Each classroom teacher last year got a set sum of money to spend in their classroom so what we did last year is divided the cost of BrainPop (classroom edition) four ways with that money (which still left us money to spend). We are not sure that money exists this year so we are going to have to wait and see.

Glad you enjoying the site!


Lisa said...

I just found your website today. Do you think it is too late to start notebooking? I really love you ideas. Do you have copies of your water cycles pages? I really would like to learn more about notebooking.
Thanks, Lisa

Eve Heaton said...

Lisa - I don't think it is too late to notebook. My suggestion is to either start with a new unit or to do it when students come back from the Christmas break (that gives you time to organize what you would like to do in the notebook). I do have copies of the water cycle pages (except for the flip thing, which I just drew and copied). Feel free to send me an email using the address in the "about me" section of the blog and let me know what you would like. Most of the items are specfic to our standards here in SC and the textbook we use in our district.