Thursday, October 1, 2009

Create Your Own Puzzles

I often create my own crossword puzzles and word searches for my science class. These can be assigned for homework but more often I use them as extra work students can do when they are done a test or quiz. If you type in "make your own word search" lots of different websites come up. I usually use the Discover Education site to make mine.

Three years ago I made test shields out of two taped together file folders (they have held up pretty well). Inside the folder I put the test/quiz and a puzzle. This keeps earlier finishers quiet and engaged while others finish up.


5th Grade Science said...

I do something similar but call them "privacy screens". I use a stapler to hold the two folders togther. I also cut them so they are half the height and I get two screens. Works well and makes it easier for me to see the students.

Eve Heaton said...

I like the idea of cutting them in half. I'll have to try that when I make some more. Thank you for sharing!


mary chambers said...

i like the idea of putting the work inside, that eliminates having to waste time passing multiple things out. More prep, but better result.