Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weekly Lesson Plans (Clouds and Fronts)

We are ending our unit on weather this week. Next week will primarily be filling in the study guide and a few review games.


Checked our evaporation experiment. Reviewed water cycle from last week. Sang the song. Presented a PowerPoint I made about clouds (which includes careers that need to know about clouds - pilots, astronauts, professional fisherman, etc.). Read a notebook page about how clouds form (students drew pictures of each stage) and about the three basic type of clouds. Went outside to look at and identify cloud types (pretty disappointing...all stratus clouds but students enjoyed being outside).


Checked our evaporation experiment. Did the "cloud in the bottle" with the class. Showed a YouTube video of something similar. Introduced fronts. Used to show map, map symbols, and talked about air masses affecting the US. Acted out air masses meeting. Made inferences about our upcoming weather and checked out the 10 day forecast. Read our notebook pages on the subject and drew the air masses in and the front symbols.


Checked our evaporation experiment. Checked map reviewing the following - direction weather travels, fronts, high and low pressure systems, and made inferences about our upcoming weather (this will be daily for us). Went to the computer lab to complete a hurricane webquest and play weather related games online (found on my website under science and then weather).


Checked our evaporation experiment. Checked weather map online. Reviewed clouds and fronts. Students watched Bill Nye the Science Guy Water Cycle video and we played vocabulary bingo in our notebooks.


Checked our evaporation experiment. Quiz - Fronts and Clouds. Notebook catch up. Vocabulary Bingo.

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