Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Sales

There is a sale on composition notebooks at Walmart this week - .25 each (which is a really good deal...they go up to a $1 + once school stuff official go on sale). They also have glue on sale for .30 each.

Did you know? Elmer's glue bottles and sticks are recyclables! This is a great school project if a classroom teacher wanted to undertake it for their school (you can get a lot of supplies and prizes for your school or classroom). Details can be found on their website.

ALSO - Staples is having their .01 sale this Sunday. Great time to stock up on pencils and (my favorite) sharpeners that catch the shavings (you can NEVER have too many of those - to see an earlier post about how I manage the pencil/sharpener situation in my classroom click HERE). If you tell the manager you are a teacher you can buy more then the posted limit (some managers require proof, as in a school ID or be prepared).
Happy back to school shopping!

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