Monday, July 16, 2012

Classroom Management Idea

I saw this in June/July 2012 issue of Family Fun Magazine and I thought was kind of fun. I definitely would have used it when my son was younger because somehow he could never get his dirty clothes into the hamper (all around it but never in it). I solved my problem by only washing the clothes that made it into the hamper and after a few washings he got the general drift. This poster would have been a lot more fun. The parent in question would tear off the bottom strips each time clothes were left on the floor. Each strip was worth extra TV time for her children.

I thought this could be used in a classroom with the tear off strips on the bottom worth extra recess time (5 minutes for each tab left on Friday). It could be made to gauge classroom behavior for the day or (in my case) were all papers turned in with names on it (my pet peeve).

It is possible to reverse it so instead of tearing off strips for the infraction you could add strips if the class was good (positive versus negative reinforcement). The poster can be laminated and you can use velcro tabs for the bottom "tear off" portion so you can reuse it each week.


jennibell said...

See, in your case, the tear-off would work well b/c you could tear off the strip and STAPLE IT TO THE PAPER WITHOUT THE NAME. You don't even have to "call out" the students. . .sometimes it's just enough to know privately that they are the reason the class is missing time. . .thanks for the idea!

Carolyn said...

Great idea! Since I teach high school, I could offer bonus points on a quiz for names on paper. That's my pet peeve too, and yes, it still happens in high school :(

Mrs. Crouse said...

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