Sunday, July 1, 2012

Paper Pull Out Template (Teachers Pay Teachers)

I told a friend of mine that I was saving to purchase a Vitamix blender (my mother got me into drinking green smoothies on a recent trip home - unfortunately those blenders run $500!!!!). I am currently making them in my regular blender (so far so good) but I still would like to get a Vitamix.

My friend suggested that I make templates for some of the things that I post on my blog and put them out on Teachers Pay Teachers. I thought I would give it a try.

You are required to post your first item for free. The first item I posted was my PowerPoint of a completed student notebook (which I have had posted for free on this blog for the better part of two years). Here is the link if you are interested -
The second item I posted was a cut and paste template for the paper pull out pictured above. I set the cost at $2.00 only because the seller gets about $0.30 on the dollar (after fees to both the TPT site and PayPal). Here is the link if you are interested in that download -

Please do not feel obligated to purchase anything. This is just something I am trying to see if there is an interest in such notebooking items (and to get the Vitamix :)

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Beth said...

Hi Eve,
I love the Paper Pull Out Template for science notebooks! Just purchased it on the TPT website. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!
Beth :-)