Thursday, February 28, 2013

Read Across America - Dr. Suess and Science

Tomorrow is Read Across America Day and I have been asked to be a guest reader in two schools.
The first school I will be reading in a second grade class and the second school I will be a reading in an open time slot in their gym.
Because tomorrow is Friday, I can wear jeans and my Dr. Seuss shirt, I thought I would have a little fun. I choose to read Bartholomew and the Oobleck with the second graders. They study weather and the book can be tied to weather as the King in the story becomes sick of the normal things that fall from the sky and asks for something different. Then I asked the teacher if we could make oobleck afterward and tie it into what they had learned about solids and liquids. The teacher was pretty agreeable. I think that is mainly because most of the teachers have given up on tomorrow because, on top of guest readers and various reading events, everyone is wearing their PJ's (note to self - find Dr. Seuss PJ's!). The science teacher in me is happy that I can tie literacy into science tomorrow. As a tech teacher (now) I have also downloaded the YouTube video above (Steve Spangler on Ellen) to show the kids and I plan to video tape the kids making and playing with the oobleck for the teacher's webpage.


Miss McTeacher said...

Oh! My class made Oobleck last week as part of our matter unit. They loved it! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Oobleck! My kids love it - me....not so much! I just added you to the Great Blogs page link on my blog :)
Happy Weekend!

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Eve Heaton said...

Sue - Thanks for adding me to your blog :)