Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Space Camp for Teachers

In 2009, when I was teaching fourth grade math and science, I applied for, and got, a scholarship to attend Space Camp in Alabama. I had a great time (read my post in 2009 here) and used a lot of resources in my classroom. I even planned a potluck space night for parents (click here to read my post on a separate blog I kept up during my years as a classroom teacher) and got a grant for "build it yourself" telescopes. I love studying space and being able to go to Space Camp...for free...was a unbelievable PD opportunity. I made a video of all my pictures to share with folks who were in the program with me (click on the link above...or here if you want to see what it was like).

I'm writing a post about it because it is that time...time to apply for a scholarship! Each scholarship covers the following: tuition for the 5-day program at U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama; round trip airfare; meals and double occupancy accommodations; program materials; and...wait for it...a flight suit :)

To be considered to receive a scholarship you must be a current or practicing educator that is teaching science or math to students ages 10-14 years old and will continue to teach these subject areas through 2017.

Here are some things I remember....I was the lowest grade level represented...there were a lot of middle and high school teacher (so I felt a little overwhelmed on the intelligence level...but I was able to hang...barely :). The dorms we stayed in were COLD...I mean freezing. A teacher from Michigan (super skinny) had to put on her flight suit to keep warm during the night. I didn't even think of that. I shivered through my first night. I could have used a space blanket :). Those were the only two negatives everything else was fun and we were kept going from sunup to literally sundown (I remember the insane schedule!).

Anyway...if you are interested in applying the window open in November and here is the LINK if you want to apply (they try to pick teachers from every state...the year I applied I was one of two teachers in the state of SC to get the scholarship).

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