Friday, October 23, 2015

Studio in a Box

I am super excited...I finally got my Studio in a Box by TouchCast. I ordered it this past summer when I went to the ISTE conference in Philadelphia and attended a TouchCast session (read my rave review of that session HERE).

The session attendees were offered "Early Bird" pricing for this product with the understanding that they weren't finished in production yet (hence why it took awhile to get). The "Early Bird" price was $59 (fabulous price). I was hoping that my department would reimburse me for the purchase but apparently it is easier to get permission to buy something then it is to get reimbursed for something. I purchased it at the time knowing that I might have to absorb the cost and I was fine with that.

I bought it to evaluate it for school/teacher purchasing purposes. A lot of our schools and classrooms want to set up green screen rooms for projects and morning new programs and this looked like an inexpensive way to make that happen (in conjunction with the free and totally cool TouchCast app).

I am in the processes of setting it up and playing with it (look for annoying test video posts coming soon!) but I love it. I recently attended a webinar put on by TouchCast and I feel more confident using their software (we have one school using it to do their morning program and they love is a link to one of the morning programs that aired this week...they are working on the sound issue but you get the general gist).

During that webinar someone asked about the price and apparently they are still introducing it at the Early Bird price of $59. Please note that they do tack on $15 for shipping and handling but I still think it is a good deal at $75. I think the price is certainly reasonable for a school to set up a green screen studio. It isn't too bad for a single classroom to purchase either. I would definitely use grade level money (if that is an option), get a grant, or split the cost with another teacher if money is an issue.

To see a video of unboxing everything - CLICK HERE (I found it helpful when setting up my home studio). I am on the TouchCast email list and they sent a link to this video about how not to make a TouchCast video which I thought contained some really good advice - CLICK HERE.

I am hoping to start posting sample student projects soon so stay tuned!

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