Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tape - Recommendation

The walls of our school are notoriously hard to get things to stick to. I have tried everything short of a glue gun (which we can't use because the walls are not a high gloss and the glue will take the paint off).

Finally I came across this great 3M painters tape for hard to stick surfaces (it is easily identifiable by its green color). I have not had a problem since. I've tried other painters tape (the blue 3M and Duck brand) but they don't have the sticking power of this green tape.

Most of the teachers at our school use this tape exclusively now to hang things on their wall and showcase student work in the hall. In fact, I ran out and had to run to the store today after school to get some because my left over blue tape was just not working (hence the post).

If you are looking for a good tape for school walls I would highly recommend it (cost with tax is $9.30 a roll).


Anonymous said...

I've used this tape also and loved it! Where did you buy yours? (I live in Upstate SC and can no longer find it in Home Depot/Lowe's.)


Eve Heaton said...

I get it at a locally owned hardware story (Grayco) here in Beaufort. I have tried Lowes but they don't carry it. You might try approaching the managers at Lowes and Home Depot and see if they would carry it.


Mendy said...

Good to know!

I've been using Mavalous tape - not only will it stay on the wall until you take it down, but you can also reuse it!

It is 2.79 for a 1" wide roll about the size of a scotch tape roll.