Monday, March 28, 2011

Science - Tech Projects

Our school district, like most, are strongly encouraging the use of tech integration in the classroom. As a "tech" person I am always looking for ideas to incorporate the science curriculum I teach with our districts tech requirements.

Above is a picture of a third grade newsletter project that one of our teachers worked on with her children (click on to enlarge). She actually used it in her ELA class (they were talking about feature articles, summarizing, and parts of non fiction text). She used the National Geographic Kids - Animals website and had the students pull out facts that could be incorporated into a newsletter. I really liked the idea and thought it would be something I could do with my Organisims and Their Environment unit.

In my search for tech ideas I came across this sample LESSON PLAN from Teacher Created Resources that I am actually going to do with my fourth graders in the next few weeks. Using the same National Geographic Kids site students will fill out a graphic organizer and then develop an animal report similar to the finished project in the lesson plan. Once I have students samples I will post and go over how the lesson "looked" in my classroom.

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