Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break - My Guilty Pleasure

We have just started Spring Break here in Beaufort, South Carolina. Sadly our weather is not cooperating with rain and cooler then normal temperatures forecasted for the week (no beach on this break! In fact I have been wearing a sweater for the last couple of days.).

I know this doesn't quite fit into the science, education, and notebooking theme I have going here on this blog but I thought I would share anyway :)

About two weeks prior to the break I call the local cosmotology and massage schools in the area. They give reduced rates for the services with pedicures running $10, facials $15, and massages $35. I book what I can during the week that I am off. Typically they offer their services during the school day so the only time I can take advantage is when we do go on break. They book up EXTREMELY fast in our area, hence why I have to call at least 2 weeks out in order to get any services done. They rarely run services during the summer and holiday months (when they are on break) so I load up during spring break (it gives me something to look forward to and I usually use it as an incentive to get some household spring cleaning done).

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