Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3D Invertebrate Project

Last year I did an invertebrate poetry unit and students created paper versions of their invertebrates for a giant wall display. This year two groups of fourth grade teachers took it further and had their students create three dimensional models of invertebrates for display in our front display cases (the display cases are rotated among grade levels throughout the year and fourth grade has April). They also had to choose their favorite invertebrate poetry and make a good "clean" copy for the case.

I thought this was very brave of the two teachers involved :) They did it on the Friday before Spring Break and it asked parents for supplies from paint to clay to recycled goods. Students were encouraged to be as creative as possible.

I popped in their classroom during the day and took some pictures of the action and put together a little video (above) of their work (I used animoto.com). The students did an excellent job. My favorite were the snail, stick bug, and squid (toward the end of the video). One parent worked with thier child to make a giant firefly that was quite impressive!

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