Thursday, October 20, 2011

Origami Tshirts - Part II

Earlier I wrote a post about an origami shirt - see post here. I had my Girl Scouts do the activity as part of an energy badge we are working on. The girls had to make an energy pledge and depict it on the shirt. My example is pictured above.

Sadly the girls pretty much copied my example (isn't that the way it always is????). Next time I think I would do a better job of discussing different things we can do to save energy and NOT show them an example.

I thought this might be a fun activity for teachers to do with Earth Day in April (not necessarily with energy). Students can brainstorm all kinds of different ways they can help protect the Earth.

I showed the shirts to a friend of mine and she used them in her ELA class. Students had to investigate their name - interview their parents, look up the meaning of their name online, discuss how they felt about their name. They then wrote up a short piece in Word and glued it on their origami shirt and decorated around it (she used large pieces of construction paper). It looked like a fun project and the kids seemed to be enjoying it.

I thought it could be done in a social studies notebook. Students could draw a scene from whatever they were studying, glue it in the notebook, and underneath write about the scenes.


Katie Loftin said...

I teach Geography, and I'm trying to think of ways to use this in my 7th grade classroom. I was thinking when we discuss culture, I could have students draw a depiction of a culture they belong to. They could decorate the shirt with traits from that culture such as a celebration, language, holiday, etc.

Eve Heaton said...

Katie - I love that idea!

Cindy said...

I'd like to follow your blog! Lots of fun ideas.