Monday, October 24, 2011

Water Cycle Song - Bill Nye - With Lyrics

A teacher friend of mine is entering a week of the water cycle with her students and I put lyrics to one of my favorite Bill Nye songs on the Water Cycle this morning for her. The embedded video is above but the direct link to the YouTube can be found HERE.

This is her schedule for the week:

Monday - Water Cycle Introduction
Tuesday - I have them in the computer lab using Smart Art in Word to create a Water Cycle flow chart
Wednesday - They are doing a cut, match up, and paste activity in their notebook
Thursday - They are doing a couple of water cycle experiments
Friday - Students are taking a quiz and watching the Magic School Bus Water Cycle video

The kids are excited about the week but I think more because they get off for a week's fall break on Friday :)

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Jordon, The Messy One said...

I blogged about some fun things I did for the water cycle recently. It's been my favorite unit so far!