Monday, October 17, 2011

Scoot - The Video

I introduced Scoot to two groups of fourth graders today. I video taped the lesson above (and can I say how much I dislike watching myself on tape? Sigh!). The intent was to give folks a visual on how the review game is structured.

I got very lucky with this class. There were only 14 children (five were pulled out for resources so there is actually 19 in the group). They were very good and got the hang of it easily. I gave them an easy Scoot - Abbreviations and Initials so they felt pretty confident going from question to question. The teacher videoing me LOVED it and can't wait to see me do it again with her class on Wednesday with pronouns (we are co-teaching a unit on the eight parts of speech).

I also introduced it to her afternoon class. That would have been more amusing to watch :) They were lower academically and made so much ambient noise that I had to stop several times to get children to refocus. The music seemed the biggest problem...distraction wise...they loved it but got a little crazy dancing and bouncing into each other after they answered the question. I am going to try it again on Wednesday. It may be that I need to choose less energetic music for that group. The first group was certainly dancing (which you will see in the video but nothing like that second group!).

After playing it twice my biggest problem personally was how much paper it wasted. I think I would get paper out of the recycled bin next time and cut it into thirds to reduce the paper waste.


Lisa said...

LOVE it! My children will too! My visual-learner-self really appreciates the video! (What's the music that you chose for them to "scoot" to, by the way?)

Eve Heaton said...

I am a visual learner myself! The only thing I would have done differently was had the group just practice their scooting (moving) before we started. I have modeled it in several classrooms since and always have them practice the scoot part first so they know how to move around the classroom. The music I used is from Zumba Fitness - Dance, Dance, Dance (you can YouTube it). I have also used Dynamite by Taio Cruz, which the kids like. A teacher friend of mine just uses her CD player and hits pause and uses a CD she bought for the classroom (Kids Bop I think).

Hope that helps!

Jana said...

Thank you for sharing the video! I have heard of the game but really liked seeing it in action before trying it out.