Friday, October 14, 2011

Scoot - The Game

I was introduced to a game called Scoot today through a teacher at my school (thank you Ms. Perry!).

She found the game through - Here is the link to how the game is played

I watched it being played today with second graders. Ms. Perry had printed out task cards from that a teacher had posted having to do with place value. The cards asked a question and gave the student three multiple choice options.

She had the students number a piece of paper with however many students were in the room (in this case 23). At each table she put a numbered task card. The child would start at whatever number their task card at their desk was marked at (so if I was in spot 19 I would start my answers at number 19 on my numbered sheet). Students stood behind their chair (tucked in) and when told they flipped their task card over and answered the question (the teacher played music during this). She stopped the music and told everyone to "Scoot" to the next number on their list to answer the next question.

When they finished at every desk they reviewed their answers.

I thought it was a really fun review game that got the kids up and moving (I can't wait to try it!). I spent some time looking through and found a teacher that had a lot of science task cards that are pre-made and can be downloaded from proteacher (free registration and free download).

Here are some links to those task cards:

I think the game would require some modeling and I found some easier tasks cards for that (abbreviations and initials looked like a good one to start with).

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