Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Post About Lunch Boxes...Yup...Lunch Boxes!

My favorite purchase I made last school year were these Easy Lunch Boxes. I was looking for a bento style lunch box that I could use to help put healthy lunches together (it is a goal of mine...sigh!). In my search I found these. I had a gift certificate to Amazon so I purchased a set...along with the little "mini dipper" containers (a friend gave me her silicon cupcake holders that she doesn't I pretty much have everything in the first picture above).

I love love love them (and that is saying a lot for me to wax poetic about lunch containers!). I even wrote a review on Amazon (which I don't normally do).

What makes them different from other compartment containers? They are wraps, salads, cut up anything fit in easily (right now I have a salad in mine for tomorrow with dressing and cut up fruit). They don't warp in the dishwasher at all. I like having all the compartment options (I'm a snacker so that works for me). The "mini dippers" fit in the box so no need to keep salad dressing or hummus in something separate from your lunch. They are sturdy (no flimsy plastic). They don't dye red when you are putting in leftover spaghetti AND they have a ton of lunch ideas on their website.

I did not buy the lunch bag because I already carry enough bags and this container fits into one of my bags I carry on a daily basis.

I thought I would pass on in case anyone was looking for an awesome lunch box container (I did not get any product for free this is a genuine "I love it" post...not that I am against getting anything for free :).

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